Thursday, 4 June 2009

National Geographic "All roads photography program"

The Photography Program recognizes and supports talented international storytellers whose still photography documents their changing cultures and communities. Each year four photographers are awarded a financial prize, and their photo essays are exhibited at the All Roads Film Festival and other venues. They also receive photographic accessories and, through workshops, get valuable training to assist in their fieldwork.
Candidates are nominated by an advisory board of leaders from the photography industry and representatives from National Geographic Society.

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The 2011 Photography Award recipients are: Samer Mohdad (Lebanon)
Pioneer Photographer Award
Photo essay “Mes Arabies”
Kuang Huimin (China)
Mid-career Photographer Award
Photo essay “Changes During 20 years in the old

2008 Awardees
Alejandro Chaskielberg (Argentina) |Biography (pdf)The High Tide: Native Islanders and the Community of the Paraná River Delta
Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan) | Biography (pdf)
Khinaliq Village: A Staircase to the Sky 2003-2006Website:
Khaled Hasan (Bangladesh) | Biography (pdf)
Living Stone: A Community Losing Its Living EnvironmentWebsite:
Farzana Wahidy (Afghanistan) | Biography (pdf)
Afghan Women

2007 Awardees
Altaf Qadri (Kashmir) | Biography (pdf)
Kashmir: Paradise in PainWebsite:
Oded Balilty (Israel) | Biography (pdf)
Along the Lines
Akintunde Akinleye (Nigeria) | Biography (pdf)
The Troubles of a Blessed CountryWebsite:
A Yin (China, Inner Mongolia) | Biography (pdf)
Highland Mongolian LifeWebsite:
2006 Awardees
Saiful Huq (Bangladesh)
Stolen Dreams: The Story of the Abandoned Victims of Political Violence
Larry McNeil (United States)
Fly By Night Mythology
Sandra Sebastián Pedro (Guatemala)
Inherited Violence
“Newsha Tavakolian (Iran)
Tehran: Not East, Not West
2005 Awardees
Andre Cypriano (Brazil)
Rocinha: An Orphan Town
Neo Ntsoma (South Africa)
South African Youth ID – Kwaito Culture
Sudharak Olwe (India)
In Search of Dignity and Justice: The Untold Story of Mumbai’s Conservancy Workers
Marcela Taboada (Mexico)
Women of Clay
2004 Awardees
Tenzin Dorjee (India)
Tibetan Exile Community
Fanie Jason (South Africa)
Living in Denial, AIDS in South Africa
Ahikan Seri (Israel)
Bedouin Society Transition

The photographers are given a cash prize as well as cartloads of equipment and software from sponsors, which include Adobe, LiveBooks, Epson, Kingston, Lowepro, Manfrotto, and Olympus. But more importantly, they are brought to the United States and introduced to top editors, publishers, curators, and media sources around the country.

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