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Px3 Prix de la photographie Paris 2009 and ...

WINNERS of the PX3 2009 photo competition : Erwin Olaf and Annett Reimer

"This book brings together for the first time three of the artist’s series—Rain, Hope, and Grief. Included is a first comprehensive look at his film work, through stills and an accompanying DVD that offers an overview of five of his movies, each related to the series featured in the book. In each series, Olaf creates his own enigmatic and enticing worlds, blending together a Norman Rockwell-style kitsch, a film noir intensity, and a strangeness reminiscent of the films of American filmmaker David Lynch. The work wryly celebrates America of the 1950s and 1960s with stereotypical characters, including cheerleaders, a boy scout, a housewife, a young couple, and a sailor. He explores issues of beauty, loneliness, and despair, expressed in an individual style that combines fashion, cinema, history and advertising".

"The Unhomely Stage addresses the relationship between body, place and memory. The location of the work holds high importance, as does the performance, the location used is of high personal value. I used the home of my grandmother as a Surrealist stage to explore femininity, sexuality and loss. The Unhomely Stage is set at a house that has not been lived in for almost a decade. The house has been left completely furnished and nothing has been removed since when it was lived in. There is a presence of memories colliding with the large uninhibited space. The female body is fragmented and dismembered, fracturing the power of the photographic gaze. The performances are quiet, yet powerful evocations of a hidden unknown".

Read more and see the work of the winners

The 2010 competition is open. Deadline : January 31, 2010
Furthermore there is the Aftermath competition : Deadline : July 15, 2009

05/06/09 PX3 seems to be evolving in a year round competition machine.

28/02/09. Another extended deadline and the names of the winners PX3 Water.

PX3 Photography Competition, The "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" : deadline: January 16, 2009 =>Extended Deadline: February 28, 2009 => Final deadline: 31 March. (Will it stay at three deadlines? Or will we soon see a final final deadline? I think this is bad communication and habit. You unnessecarily rush people to submit work and then you simply extend deadlines twice. I wonder why this is done. Not enough submissions (and fees) received? An explanation for extending twice would be nice for a change...).

Px3 Photographer of the Year
Both professional and non-professional photographers compete for the top award, the Px3 Photographer of the Year and 3,000 Euros. The winner’s work is publicized internationally, receives the spotlight at all events, is exhibited in Paris, and published in the Px3 Annual Book.

Px3 Best New Talent (Non-Professionals and Students Only)
Non-professional photographers compete for the Px3 Best New Talent Award and 2,000 Euros. The winner’s work is publicized and exhibited in Paris and published in the Px3 Annual Book.

Also honorable mentions and public choice awards....

Px3 Categories: Advertising, Photojournalism, Book, Book Proposals, Fine Art, Nature and Portraiture.

Winners 2008 :
Photojournalism | Balazs Gardi - The Valley
Advertising | Alex Telfer - Motorbikes
Fashion | Gustavo Marx - Essenciale
Beauty | Christoph Grothgar - Hannah
Architecture | Benjamin Antony Monn - A NOIRE

and many more : See the winners list 2008

Winners 2007 : Alex Telfer and ...

The "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" (Px3) strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris.

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