Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Noorderlicht Photo Festival 2008


"Main exhibition – Behind Walls

"Almost twenty years ago the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall changed the world. But until 1989 the walls stood firm. In the communist days of the old East Bloc countries there were a number of talented photographers active whose work could not reach the audience it deserved because of censorship, repression and the Cold War; not locally and definately not in the West.

Even after the changes, their work remained mostly unseen outside of their own countries. Where the present generation of photographers travel freely and use the internet to bring their work to a world-wide audience, this was not the way of the older generation. Their work wasn't supported by others: it was 'old' and reminded of 'before', something to leave behind the Curtain. The gaze of those in power as well as the cultural field was to the newly begotten freedom and a new future.

There is a growing awareness that this gap in history needs to be filled.

Working closely with local advisors - curators and photographers with an intimate knowledge of photography from that era - Noorderlicht investigates how photographers worked under repression. For the first time an comprehensive image will be shown of photography in all the countries that were part of the East Bloc."

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