Saturday, 24 January 2009

Lucie Awards


More significant improvements on the websites. Note the new foundation website, with better linking and explanations...

And of course the new mission statement :

- Honor Master Photographers
- Discover* and Cultivate** Emerging Talent
- Celebrate the Appreciation of Photography Worldwide

The Lucie foundation website

* my old questions remains : is Lucie discovering or announcing (IPA) talents and is Lucie co-organising IPA?
** new Lucie mentor, scholarship and portfolio programs

Further I would like to flag : "In April 2009, we will introduce the inaugural Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA)". Interesting, but what does this mean? Lucie advertises or (co-)funds MOPLA?

Last flag : IPA ~ int'l photography awards ~ 2009 is now accepting entries.
"The Lucie Scholarship Program will accept applications and submission starting late January 2009. This program is designed to assist a photographer in completing a long-term project with the goal to present the work in publication and exhibition format. This program is currently in design and will be launched shortly".

24/01/09 + 23/02/09 + 27/03/09

I just checked the website but there are no annoucements yet with regard to "The Lucie Scholarship Program". So there's nothing to submit yet.

22/03/09 : Just learned from the Mopla website that the Lucie foundation organises Mopla.
Month of photography events

Also I noticed the below. How odd that they keep insisting on being the "Oscar" equivalent. I refer to my old remarks about this.

Also it's interesting to see the ties and patterns with the Px3 photo contest. Here also many categories to attract submissions and fees. Must read some more...


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JK said...

In 2005 I was selected as the "winner" in the non-professional fine arts category. While the award ceremony was well done, there was virtually no promotion of winners. A book is published each year but for 2005 it was 2nd rate at best with limited distribution - it is primarily intended for sale to entrants. My opinion - the whole discovery of new talent shtick is really the fleecing of new talent. There are much better venues that actually promote emerging talent.