Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hyères International Photography Competition

New to the blog :

24th international fashion and photography festival Villa Noailles, Hyères / april 24th to 27th, 2009
Every Spring in the South of France, the 'International Fashion and Photography Festival' spotlights young promising artists in the fields of fashion and photography. The festival proposes diverse exhibitions, professional panel discussions and two competitions. The competitions showcase 10 fashion designers and 10 photographers selected by a jury of professionals in each field. The work of the chosen candidates is presented to the jury and the public in either fashion shows (designers) or group exhibitions (photographers).

On the last days of the month of April, as every Spring since 1998, the villa Noailles will once again become the epicenter for emerging photography. There, in the photography section of the Festival de Hyères, ten artist-photographers will exhibit their personal conjugation of the verb to see. Hyères defends and praises photographic works that strive for sense, singularity, innovation and uncompromising artistic standards. The bodies of work spotlighted at Hyères are still being born. Yet, the articulateness of their aesthetic stances confidently allows us to bet on their projection into the future.
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10 Feb : N.B. the deadline for the 2009 competition has passed, it was November 2008.


J. Wesley Brown said...

I will politely point out that it looks like the deadline for this is way past..November 20th, 2008.

editor said...

Thank you for your feedback!
You are right of course about the deadline. I just added this festival and competition as it was missing on my blog. Now we can all follow it and anticipate the next deadline.
But I will add the old deadline as not to confuse people. Regards, Judith (editor).