Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hahnemühle Anniversary Photo Award

The Hahnemühle Fine Art Team asked me to flag their anniversary photo award on this blog.

No charges, free to enter. Selected works will tour some photo capitals of the world. There is also a Special Students Award. Deadline is 30 June!

"The theme of the competition is “For Originals”.
We are interested in the photographer’s unique angle of capturing people, objects and moments from an original perspective.
Please submit up to 4 pictures printed on Hahnemühle paper in A4 format.
The lucky winners can look forward to receiving a total of € 36.000 in non-cash prizes".

Anniversary Collection

From 7100 photo award entries 41 winning images were chosen to become part of the Hahnemühle Anniversary Collection.
The winning images toured worldwide.

Pippa Ashworth "Besease, Ghana 1" Collection
Alexander Bayer "Agravic" Collection
Stefano Bernardoni "Colomba" Collection
Jörg Böthling "Jain Mönch an Bahnbali Statue, Indien" Collection
Jacques Delplan "Aube difficile" People & Portrait 2nd Prize, 2,000 Euro
Alain Diebold "Victoria" Collection
Olivier Fermariello "Monsieur et Madame Vieille, promenade du dimanche" Collection
Virgilio Ferreira "Uncanny Places 2" Collection
Volker Frenzel "Orchard" Collection
Volker Frenzel "Cycling" Collection
Michael Fritschi "MFH Uster" Architecture & Still Life 3rd Prize, 1,000 Euro
JORS Georges Garcia Morales "Border Line # 02" Collection
Salvatore Giurdanella "König der Tiere" Collection
Mary Goodrich "Husband for Scale" Architecture & Still Life 2nd Prize, 2,000 Euro
Airy Goullet "Kajal" Collection
Jacek Gulczynski "Ohne Titel 1" People & Portrait 3rd prize, 1,000 Euro
Nazish Hussain "Secret City - Enfilade"
Architecture & Still Life Students Award, 4,000 Euro to place of training
Michael Hutter "Die Schöne Gärtnerin" Collection
Johannes Frank Johannesson "The good Prime number" Collection
Ralph Kronauer "Kuppel über dem Bad" Collection
Myrto Lazopoulou "Blue lagoon - Iceland" Collection
Steven Le Prevost "Fish in the sea" Architecture & Still Life 1st Prize, 3,000 Euro
Huib Limberg "Seafood #05" Collection
Natalia Luzenko "Nr. 843117" People & Portrait Students Award, 4,000 Euro to place of training
Frank Meyl "Skypool" Collection
Wilfried Müller "Skeleton" Collection
Tahir Özgür "Veranda" Collection
Jung-Pyo Park "Sea" Landscape & Nature Students Award, 4,000 Euro to place of training
Stefan Pütz "Blaue Stunde" Landscape & Nature 1st Prize, 3,000 Euro
Rüdiger Schestag "Portrait of Susanne" Anniversary Award 3rd Prize, 1,000 Euro
Antoine Schneck "Yerbaguiba Lompo" People & Portrait 1st Prize, 3,000 Euro
Christian Siloe "Auto portrait ou le jugement dernier" Landscape & Nature 3rd Prize, 1,000 Euro
Roberto Soares-Gomes "People 01" Anniversary Award 1st Prize, 3,000 Euro
Ewald Steenblock "Berühmte Köche: Alfons" Collection
Heiko Thurig "Autofriedhof 2" Landscape & Nature 2nd Prize, 2,000 EuroPeter Tonningsen "Buceros bicornis" Collection
Thierry Ursch "Chambre Avec Vue" Collection
Hans van Ommeren "Waves and Dancing" Collection
Verners Varslavans "Trow" Anniversary Award 2nd Prize, 2,000 Euro
Wolfgang Wiesen "Alter Wagen" Collection
Jim Woodard "Hallie in cabin" Collection

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