Sunday, 27 September 2009

Just to say hello and thanks

After re-reading your reactions and viewing the latest statistics of this blog (it's still consulted frequently), I almost felt the urge to revive it. That is to say, in perhaps a slimmer form with a strong focus on the *gem* opportunities for photographers.... But then again, few of you have taking up sharing grants and awards information. See the comments and PGA, Part 2. (So, let me reflect more and see how things evolve...).
In the meantime, to all that have responded and to those that are building on this blog, thanks and 'courage' to you.

Should you want to stay in touch or read my posts on general photo subjects =mind you - I post very irregular=


Keep well.

Regards, Judith


Mathgon said...

Hello and thanks to be back ;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you are back!
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

that's very cool to have you back!
i ll keep an eye on ur blog for 2010

Best of luck for your own work too