Friday, 5 June 2009

Hasselblad Masters Awards 2009

In the newsletter I read that we can vote and bring back the 100 finalists to 10. Login/register however required (big sigh, as i forgot my login and find the form too long to fill out again!) Your vote here

For all of you ready to be called a Hasselblad Master, the masters award is open to photographers who have been active professionals for more than three years and use some form of medium or large format system :

- note the new deadline : 1 April 2009
- check out the jury
- see the video presentation

For the "Up-and-Coming" photographers, all active professional photographers making 51% of your income or more from photography and shooting with large format, medium format, or 35 mm digital system, you can register now.

New rules, new prizes
"Again this year, we are opening the 2009 contest to all established professional photographers using large and medium format cameras, regardless of brand. We will award 9 Hasselblad Masters designations, accepting submissions in Fine Art, Nature/Landscape, Social/Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Editorial, Product, Architecture, and General Photography categories. We have even established a special category for up and coming photographers that is open to all professional photographers, regardless of length of time in the business or camera format used.

All shooting done in conjunction with the Hasselblad Masters program or its activities shall be done using entirely Hasselblad gear. To this end, winners of the 2009 Masters Awards will receive an equipment sponsorship agreement with Hasselblad wherein they will receive the use of an H3D digital camera system for the creation of images for a special Masters Commemorative book to be published. This book will allow the ten winning photographers to freely interpret a theme or themes in whatever creative manner they see fit, celebrating the range and versatility of both Hasselblad cameras and Hasselblad photographers".
More information on the website

Masters 2008 and Masters archive

Architectural - Benjamin A. Monn
Editorial - Louie Palu
Fashion/Beauty - Andrej Kopac
Fine Art - Julia Fullerton-Batten
General - Bronek Kozka
Landscapes/Nature - Hans Strand
Upcoming - August Bradley
Portrait - Morfi Jiménez Mercado
Products -Gregor Halenda
Wedding/Social - Kevin Then


Fotógrafo artistico para bodas Madrid said...

I have been lucky enough to be nominated as finalist in the wedding & social category of the 2009 Hasselblad Masters. I woould be interested to hear from the other nominees. good luck.

edward olive

Edward Mendes said...

I've been named a finalist in the Landscape category. I've got my fingers crossed.

Edward Mendes

joao carlos said...

ola I have also been lucky enough to be nominated as a Finalist in the wedding & social category for 2009 , Good luck to all of you , edward congratulations I enjoyed your pictures .

joao carlos

joao carlos said...

I have also been lucky enough to be nominated as finalist in the wedding & social category of the 2009 Hasselblad Masters, goos luck to you all . I hope to see you at the show in NYC .

ps great work Edward Mendes