Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Lou Stoumen Award

“There are certain moments of unrehearsed human life that I feel very passionate about. It’s instant recognition, you sort of smell it. It’s really instant choreography. As a photographer, I orchestrate and organize it all into a photograph.” – Lou Stoumen
I just found out that Mikhael Subotzky as won the fifth Lou Stoumen Prize. Congratulations.

Here's what I learned about the Prize. From the press release of Mopa :

"In 1991, Lou Stoumen established an endowed gift to be given through MoPA to a photographer whose work related in spirit to his own humanistic approach to photography. The Legacy exhibition features photographs by the 2009 Stoumen Prize winner, Mikhael Subotzky, whose documentary photographs of South African prisons are both compassionate and revealing. The exhibition continues with previous Stoumen winners Debbie Fleming Caffery (1996), Kenro Izu (1999), James Nachtwey (2002), and Gary Schneider (2006) by examining new work alongside the photographs that won them the award".

I'm also sharing the excellent educational PDF with photographs of Mikhael Subotsky : Lou Stoumen Award Winners: The Legacy

Museum of Photographic Arts

The photographic work of the prize recipient should explore the nature of people, cultures, religions, science, and/or social causes. The award is not designed to distinguish novelty, technical innovation, or fame, but instead to acknowledge a photographer who conveys heart, compassion, and sustained productivity in the field. The Museum of Photographic Arts awards the Lou Stoumen Prize.

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