Thursday, 4 March 2010

WPP Announcement of disqualification

"World Press Photo has, after careful consultation with the jury, determined that is was necessary to disqualify Stepan Rudik, winner of the 3rd prize story in Sports Features, due to violation of the rules of the World Press Photo Contest.Following the announcement of the contest results, it came to the attention of World Press Photo that Rudik's story had violated a contest rule. After requesting RAW-files of the series from him, it became clear that an element had been removed from one of the original photographs". 2009.


Carl Evangelista said...

They should check if the photo qualifies for an award before they issue an award. To have to go back and strip someone of an award is unnecessary.

Carla said...

Huge fan of WPP;
Has this sort of thing happened before? Photoshop is so tempting,
I understand how this could happen...