Wednesday, 12 October 2011

APO Photo Contest

APO Photo Contest : 2001 - present

Deadline : 29 February 2012

I came across a photo contest that I had not seen before. The APO contest however has been around :  six competitions since 2001.

I read through the rules and could not find anything unusual with regard to photo rights.  "APO-Asian photographers", you might want to check it out. BTW, should one of you have had experiences with the APO Photo Contest, don't hesitate to share them over here.
"Photos must show scenes from everyday life reflecting either productivity, sustainable development, or both. Productivity means “improved or better ways of doing things,” while sustainable development means “progress with due regard for environmental protection.” This photo contest is intended to depict only positive aspects related to the theme".


2010 Dang Thi Huong Hoa(Vietnam)
2008  Subin Pumsom (Thailand)
2006  Hoang Thach Van (Vietnam)
2004  Chawalit Pumpo (Thailand)
2002  Lai Dien Dam (Vietnam)
2001  Hoang Kim Thanh (Vietnam)

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