Monday, 10 October 2011

International Street Photography Award

The Street Photography Awards : 2011 - 2012

People,  browse your photo files or get your camera to wander the streets; submit a work that is unique in style and depth :

Deadline : Thursday 5 January 2012
"The International Street Photography Award is looking for exceptional, international photographers that display a unique style and depth of work in the genre of street photography. The genre crosses over into portraiture, documentary and art photography.

The International Awards are open to photographers from anywhere in the world and photographs may be taken anywhere in the last 10 years. 
The international winner receives:
  • Solo exhibition in London including: working with a festival curator, gallery hire, printing & framing solution, PR and your own private view. Venue TBC, 2011's exhibition was alongside Vivian Maier at the German Gymnasium
  • £2,000 cash
  • All-expenses-paid trip to the exhibition launch in London*
  • An Olympus PEN camera
  • An Award catalogue is produced including all finalists through Blurb. The winner receives an Awards catalogue and £100 book voucher from Blurb to print their own photo-book.
  • A Crumpler Muffin Top camera bag
  • A Thames & Hudson photo-book"

TOTAL VALUE: £10,000


2011 Jesse Marlow and Philip Cheung.

Winners galleries

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