Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fujifilm Student Awards

Fujifilm Student Awards : 2008 - present

I am quite curious to see what students will make out of the 2012 theme :  'Extreme' on F-I-L-M.  Must be fun such a challenge...  (Although this tends to be a 'national' competition, I thought I should flag it).

Deadline :  29 February 2012.
"The overall winning photographer will win: £200 worth of Fujifilm film, a Trophy and the title 'Fujifilm Student Photographer of the Year 2012'. Up to 30 Merit runner-up winners will each receive 10 rolls of Fujifilm film. We hope to announce further prizes shortly. College Prize: Certificate and £200 worth of Fujifilm film".

"Shooting on film encourages a 'quality not quantity' mind set. Aim to get everything right before pressing the shutter; to achieve the perfect image that doesn't require post production".

silver halide is one of the compounds formed between silver and one of the halogens — silver bromide (AgBr), chloride (AgCl), iodide (AgI), and three forms of silver fluorides. As a group, they are often referred to as the silver halides, and are often given the pseudo-chemical notation AgX. Although most silver halides involve silver atoms with oxidation states of +1 (Ag+), silver halides in which the silver atoms have oxidation states of +2 (Ag2+) are known, of which silver(II) fluoride is the only known stable one.
The light-sensitive chemicals used in photographic film and paper are silver halides. Read more :


2011  Clélia Maumene
2010  Anne Marie Atkinson
2009  Andrew Partner
2008  David Wala

Previous merit winners

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